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I teach mid to upper aged women that health, fitness and overall feeling great is NOT determined by age. It really irritates me when a health professional tells someone, “well, that is “normal” at your “age””. I am here to tell you that is BS! I am the healthiest that I have ever been, felt the best that I have ever felt, and I am 60 years young. We have the right to follow our own instincts and advocate for our health. If you are not hearing what you want, it is time to find a new health professional. My groups consist of people just like you who are in search of a healthy lifestyle, support, accountability and FUN! I offer an on-going group either on facebook or an app where I offer tips, motivation, inspiration, recipes, guidance and much more. Your daily check in will hold you accountable so that your goals are more easily achieved.

I add new women to the group on a regular basis!

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